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Leak Detection Technologies

The methods we use to find your leak

An untreated water leak can cause significant damage to your property. At Miracle Leak Detection, we use a variety of professional leak detection methods to find your leak fast, ranging from simple visual inspections to advanced technological solutions.

Fundamental detection techniques include checking for any obvious visible defects in pipework, listening for the sound of running water, and checking for dampness or mould.

More advanced solutions, such as thermal imaging and tracer gas, provide more accurate and non-invasive ways of detecting leaks.

The right tools for every job

Every member of our experienced team is an expert in selecting the right mixture of methods for finding your hidden water leak depending on factors including pipe material, size, and location.

Combining multiple leak detection techniques often yields the best results, allowing our technicians to pinpoint and address leaks effectively.

Key takeaways

  • Early detection of water leaks is essential to minimise property damage and prevent costly water loss.
  • A variety of methods is used to detect leaks, ranging from simple visual inspections to advanced technology like thermal imaging and tracer gas.
  • Leak detection professionals often combine multiple techniques to accurately pinpoint the location of leaks.

Fundamental detection methods

Acoustic leak detection

In acoustic leak detection, we utilise sound waves to identify and locate leaks in your water pipes. This method often employs listening devices and amplifiers to detect the noise produced by water escaping the pipe and making contact with the surrounding materials. Both passive and active acoustic sensors can be used for this purpose.

When using this technique, we consider factors such as pipe material, diameter, and the depth at which the pipe is buried. These characteristics may influence the efficiency and accuracy of acoustic leak detection as a viable method. Nonetheless, acoustic leak detection is an effective and non-invasive way to find leaks in underground water pipelines, especially in larger networks.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection, as the name suggests, involves carefully examining your water pipes and surrounding areas for any signs of leakage. This process could include inspecting the pipe surface, checking for dampness or water marks, and looking for irregularities such as bulging or discolouration.

Additionally, we might use advanced infrared thermography and video cameras for more thorough inspections. By incorporating these technologies, we can better assess hard-to-reach areas and obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the pipe condition.

Visual inspection is a crucial starting point for detecting leaks in water pipelines, as it allows us to identify potential problem areas before employing more specialised methods.

Moisture meters & mapping

Moisture meters are devices that measure the moisture content in different materials, helping to detect possible leaks in water pipes. By using these meters, we are able to pinpoint areas with unusually high moisture levels, often indicating the presence of a leak.

There are various types of moisture meters, including capacitive, microwave, and impedance meters, each suitable for specific situations and pipe materials. Understanding the unique characteristics of your water pipeline is key to us choosing the most appropriate moisture meter for your leak detection service.

Advanced Technologies in Leak Detection

Tracer gas leak detection

Tracer Gas

The use of tracer gas is an ingenious, yet deceptively simple approach to finding a water leak in your home. In simple terms, we’ll replace the water in your pipework with a safe gas and use a sensitive above-ground detector to find anywhere that it escapes.

The pressurised gas is harmless and travels effortlessly through common building materials making it the perfect way to discover the source of your leak.

Tracer gas leaves no trace. The gas escapes upwards from faulty pipes towards ground level allowing our technicians to detect its presence with no damage to floor, walls, ceiling or garden.

Tracer gas is certified for use in residential and commercial pipework due to its non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable properties. Our team of experts has been professionally trained in its use and have used the method to locate hundreds of water leaks across the UK.

Thermal imaging leak detection

Thermal imaging

Our specialist thermal imaging equipment lets us see behind your walls or beneath your floor to spot possible hidden water leaks.

Using a thermographic (infrared) camera, we can quickly determine even the smallest change in a pipe’s temperature and begin our efforts to access and repair the problem.

There’s a reason the police use infrared cameras in their helicopters. Our thermal equipment can be quickly configured for use in your home and requires zero direct access to your pipework.

Just as a doctor will review an x-ray for signs of a problem, we do the same with thermal images of your home or garden. Sometimes our camera will alert us to a particular area and we can use another method to pinpoint the location of your leak more precisely.

Endoscopy leak detection

Endoscopic cameras

Using a small camera and a flexible support, the process of endoscopic detection allows us to access hollow walls and recesses to look for the source of your leak. The camera’s light illuminates the cavities of your home to help the camera relay a real-time picture feed back to a screen viewed by a member of our team.

Endoscopic cameras provide a convenient and highly effective method through which to closely examine pipework and defects, before full access and repair.

The small size of the endoscope camera means we don’t need a large space to access a void and find your leak. Access can usually be obtained via an existing hole, crack or light fitting.

Leak detection specialisation

The role of a leak detection specialist

A leak detection specialist is an expert in identifying and locating water leaks in various types of systems. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in using advanced technology and methods to find even the most difficult and obscure leaks.

The main goal of everyone at Miracle Leak Detection is to detect and locate water leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising damage and water wastage.

Training to be a leak detection technician

All of our qualified leak detection specialists have undergone extensive training to learn about the various leak detection methods and technologies outlined above.

Our team has decades of hands-on experience with specialised equipment and contains some of the most seasoned professionals in the field. Every one of our technicians has been trained to identify the specific signs and symptoms of water leaks and taught to select the most appropriate methods for pinpointing the exact location of leaks.

Why hire a leak detection specialist and not a plumber?

Leak detection is a specialist form of plumbing that requires particular equipment and expertise beyond that carried by most general plumbing companies.

All of our leak technicians are fully qualified plumbers with the added benefit of specific and intensive training for leak detection work.

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