Water Leak Guides

Advice from our leak experts

Prevention is not only better than cure, it’s a lot less expensive! We’ve put together a selection of helpful guides to help you safeguard your home against unwelcome water leaks.

If it’s already too late and you already suspect you have a leak, we also provide advice about which steps to take next and when to speak to your water company.

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Water mains leak repair before and after
Mains Supply Leaks

Should I repair or replace my water mains pipe?

5th October 2023
Need help now? Click to skip to the bottom. Expert mains leak guidance for homeowners…
Specialist leak company instead of plumber
Pipe Care

Why hire a leak detection company instead of a plumber?

11th January 2024
The benefits of choosing leak specialists You may be tempted to call a plumber when…
Turn water off on holiday
Pipe Care

Should I turn the water off when going on holiday?

27th June 2023
Keep your home safe while you're away It’s important to take care of essential household…
How to increase your boiler pressure
Pipe Care

How to safely increase your boiler pressure

30th November 2022
Heat your home efficiently Your home’s boiler is responsible for providing heat to your radiators…
Water leak in ceiling - what to do
Internal Water Leaks

How to deal with a water leak in your ceiling

30th November 2022
Save your umbrella for the rain Your ceiling is quite literally the roof over your…
Radiator waiting to be bled at home
Pipe Care

3 Signs you need to bleed your radiators

30th November 2022
It's bleeding cold outside Nobody likes being cold, especially in their own home. But, with…
Pipes under floor - water leak
Internal Water Leaks

Why is water coming up through my floor?

25th May 2023
Keeping your home dry It’s not fun stepping in a puddle outside, let alone in…
Water splashing in water butt
Water Saving

How to save water this winter

30th November 2022
Small things make a big difference The average family uses 10% more water during winter…
Frozen water pipes
Pipe Care

How to prevent your pipes from freezing

28th November 2023
The importance of winter pipe care It's that time of year again! The temperatures are…
Mains water stopcock
Mains Supply Leaks

What’s the difference between outside and inside stop valves?

15th October 2023
How to turn off your water supply Stop valves, often known as stopcocks, are simple…
Is mains leak covered featured image
Mains Supply Leaks

Is my mains leak covered by trace & access insurance?

19th October 2023
Understanding your insurance policy A leaking mains supply pipe can waste gallons of water every…
Man using calculator
Mains Supply Leaks

Why is my water bill so high?

17th May 2023
The possible reasons behind high water usage With the cost of living increasing across the…
When to tell your water company about a leak
Mains Supply Leaks

When to tell your water company about a leak

15th October 2023
Contact the south-east's biggest water suppliers For the purposes of this guide we will assume…
Water Leak DetectionEpsom, Surrey

I cannot recommend Miracle Leak Detection highly enough. We've dealt with numerous tradespeople and this gentleman is an absolute star. He is a thoroughly professional guy, gave very good advice, was not pushy or over-bearing and is also a genuinely nice person. He knows his stuff and we would not go anywhere else. 10/10!

Trace & Access ClaimWeybridge, Surrey

Excellent timekeeping, explained regularly how he was getting on and gave a guarantee that he would find the water leak by that evening even though it took him a few hours! I would recommend him strongly to anyone who needs help especially at short notice!

Fixed faulty heating pipeGodalming, Surrey

Miracle Leak Detection saved me after our boiler lost pressure in the middle of a freezing cold night. An engineer arrived the next morning after I called to look for the source of the problem. He was very professional and promptly got my heating back without any hassle. I would happily recommend him to my family and friends.