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Leak Detection Cambridgeshire

Water mains leak repair in Cambridgeshire

Trusted water leak detection in Cambridgeshire with fixed prices, five stars and our No Find, No Fee Guarantee. We work throughout Cambs, from Melbourn to Wisbech.

Call us now to arrange a free site visit. We’ll give you a fixed cost that won’t change and only take payment once the job is done.

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No Find, No Fee leak tracing in Cambs

Miracle Leak Detection provides a dedicated, reliable and highly-rated leak detection service across Cambridgeshire.

Our skilled technicians use the latest technology to help find and fix the source of your leak fast. Our No Find, No Fee Guarantee applies to all reported water leaks, including our water mains leak detection service.

Our fully certified and trained engineers are experts in locating common and complex leakage issues using non-destructive and non-invasive methods.

Our Cambridgeshire service area includes all CB, CM, SG and PE postcode districts.

Areas we cover in Cambridgeshire

Discovering a leak early is just the first step in keeping the cost of your repair as low as possible.

We offer our full range of professional leak detection services in locations throughout Cambridgeshire, including the towns and cities listed below.

We are the only Cambridgeshire leak detection company to provide guaranteed fixed prices before we arrive.

There’s no catch, no call-out fees and no unexplained surprises. We’ll tell you the full cost over the phone and take payment only once work is complete.

Just outside of Cambridgeshire? See the areas we cover in Essex, Hertfordshire and London.

Tackling leaks in historic Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is a large county in Eastern England, renowned for its rich history and landmarks. The county is anchored by the historic city of Cambridge, famous for its prestigious university, which dates back to 1209. Ely Cathedral, another historic building, boasts a unique octagonal tower and an extensive monastic past.

Apart from its architectural wonders, Cambridgeshire is crisscrossed by numerous waterways, including the River Cam and Great Ouse, vital for both recreation and wildlife. However, this abundance of water presents its challenges.

The county’s primary water suppliers, Anglian Water and Cambridge Water, face the complex task of managing and preserving these water resources amidst growing environmental concerns and urban development pressures.

One significant issue in Cambridgeshire is water supply sustainability, with the region being one of the driest in the UK. The low rainfall, coupled with high demand in densely populated areas, puts a strain on the water supply. Plus, the persistent challenge of leaks within the water distribution system, can lead to significant water loss.

Water companies actively invest in advanced technologies for leak detection and repair, aiming to minimise water waste and ensure a stable supply to this historically and culturally rich county.

Leak detection cambridgeshire

Water mains leak detection in Cambridgeshire

At Miracle Leak Detection, we specialise in water mains leak detection. Our team utilises advanced tracing technologies to accurately detect mains leaks, starting with a free visual inspection of your affected area.

We understand a small leak can escalate quickly, leading to water wastage and higher bills. Our focus is on prompt and precise leak detection, ensuring a quick resolution with minimal disruption.

Additionally, we offer advice on preventive measures to prevent future leaks, advocating for a proactive stance towards water mains maintenance and full mains water pipe replacement where a new pipe is the most sustainable and cost-effective option.

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Our leak detection options in Cambridgeshire

We operate a fully transparent leak detection service model, taking the time to fully explain our trace, access, excavation and repair services to customers.

Our prices are quoted without catches, call-out fees or unexplained surprises.

View our range of leak detection services now and follow our simple process to help decide which solution is right for you.


Trace Only Survey - Above Ground

£395plus VAT
£395plus VAT
Trace only survey
  • We'll use specialist tracing methods to locate the source of your internal water leak.

Trace Only Survey - Below Ground

£650plus VAT
£650plus VAT
Trace only survey
  • We'll use specialist tracing methods to locate the source of your underground water leak.

Trace & Access - With Repair

£800plus VAT
£800plus VAT
Trace & access internal
  • We'll detect a leak in your ceiling or wall, access the affected pipework and fix it there and then.
    • Pipe repair included.

Trace & Excavation - With Repair

£1,195plus VAT
£1,195plus VAT
Trace & excavation internal
  • Suspect a leak under the floor? Let us trace it, excavate/access it and repair your broken pipe.
    • Pipe repair included.

Trace & Excavation - With Repair

£1,295plus VAT
£1,295plus VAT
Trace & excavation external
  • External mains leaks can be hard to find and access. We'll trace, excavate & repair your supply pipe.
    • Pipe repair included.

Frequently asked questions about burst pipes in Cambridgeshire

What does a free visual inspection involve?

Once we’ve spoken on the phone, we’ll book you in for a free visual inspection of your reported water leak by one of our expert technicians. Upon completion of the inspection, we’ll provide you with a structured price for trace, access and repair.

What do you mean by non-destructive leak detection?

Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with the most advanced leak detection equipment on the market, giving us the best chance of tracing your reported water leak without damaging or disturbing your property.

How does your No Find, No Fee Guarantee work?

Our No Find, No Fee Guarantee applies to all reported water leaks in Cambridgeshire following a free visual inspection by one of our technicians. Please note that the free inspection does not include any access or repair.

Which companies supply water to Cambridgeshire?

Cambridgeshire is served by two main water companies: Anglian Water and Cambridge Water. Use the Find My Supplier feature from Water UK to discover which company supplies your home.

We highly recommend that you inform your water company as soon as you suspect you have a leak. You’ll learn whether the repair is your responsibility and whether your recent water bills have been affected.

How to contact Anglian Water about your leak

Anglian Water is the primary water company serving the majority of Cambridgeshire, including major areas like Cambridge, Peterborough, and Ely. Anglian Water is responsible for water supply and wastewater services, managing water resources, treatment, and distribution across a large part of the East of England.

How to contact Cambridge Water about your leak

Cambridge Water supplies high-quality drinking water to a smaller portion of Cambridgeshire, mainly around the city of Cambridge and some surrounding areas. The company focuses on the abstraction, treatment, and distribution of potable water.

Water leak detection van

Cambridgeshire leak detection services

Water leaks in your home or garden can quickly disrupt your life and cause unnecessary stress and expense. The rich history of Cambridgeshire and its towns means that the county is home to number of older properties with deteriorating pipework.

Leaks can spring up when you least expect it in locations that can be difficult to foresee and locate, from your central heating system to the mains pipe beneath your front garden. Our five-star rated team is trained in finding and repairing all types of internal and external water leaks, such as the following:

Trace & Access

We trace, access and repair your water leak at a fixed cost. We will then provide you with a full photographic documentation report for your insurance company.

Water mains leak detection

An untreated mains pipe leak can be the cause of high water bills. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the supply pipe that runs from the boundary of your property into your home.

Internal water leaks

A water leak inside of your home can cause significant damage to your property and possessions. Our non-invasive leak tracing methods allow the fast detection of your leak with minimal disruption.

Ceiling leaks

If you’ve noticed a damp patch on your ceiling, it could indicate a water leak with the risk of serious roof or structural damage, and should be attended to immediately. Call us today.

Mains pipe replacement

We offer professional water pipe moling services with minimal disruption. Our cost-effective trenchless techniques allow us to efficiently repair your leak, reroute your pipes and reinstate your ground.

Heating leaks

If your boiler is losing pressure or your heating is not working, you could have a leak in your central heating system. We can identify and fix leaks in your radiators, pipework and valves to keep your home warm in the winter.

Reviews from our Cambridgeshire customers

We’re proud of the service that we offer our customers in Cambridgeshire, with five star reviews on Google, Trustpilot and Checkatrade. Read a selection of our reviews by scrolling through below.

Water Leak DetectionCambridge, Cambridgeshire

I cannot recommend Miracle Leak Detection highly enough. We've dealt with numerous tradespeople and this gentleman is an absolute star. He is a thoroughly professional guy, gave very good advice, was not pushy or over-bearing and is also a genuinely nice person. He knows his stuff and we would not go anywhere else. 10/10!

Trace & Access ClaimEly, Cambridgeshire

Excellent timekeeping, explained regularly how he was getting on and gave a guarantee that he would find the water leak by that evening even though it took him a few hours! I would recommend him strongly to anyone who needs help especially at short notice!

Fixed faulty heating pipeSt Neots, Cambridgeshire

Miracle Leak Detection saved me after our boiler lost pressure in the middle of a freezing cold night. An engineer arrived the next morning after I called to look for the source of the problem. He was very professional and promptly got my heating back without any hassle. I would happily recommend him to my family and friends.