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Water pipe moling

Impact moling to install, replace & reroute pipes

Water pipe moling is a highly effective method of installing underground pipes without the need for excavation.

It involves the use of a small, remotely operated vehicle called a mole, which is guided through the soil to the location where the pipe is to be installed.

This method is particularly useful for pipes that are difficult to access, such as those buried deep underground or in hard-to-reach areas.

At Miracle Leak Detection, we also reinstate all holes back to their original condition after our moling work has been completed.

We will visit your property for free to quote your moling job.

Why we use water pipe moling

There may be circumstances where your water leak is either beneath your property or in an area that makes it difficult for us to repair.

Pipe moling prevents the need for us to dig a long, destructive trench to access the affected area and lay new pipework. Instead, we simply dig at least two holes and use the mole to cover the distance between them.

Water pipe moling guide

  1. Why we use water pipe moling
  2. The advantages of pipe moling
  3. Why does my pipe need rerouting?
  4. The alternatives to pipe moling
  5. Water pipe moling FAQs

Advantages of water pipe moling

Moling means less damage to the ground, less disruption to you and even allows us to reroute your pipework to make any future access easier and more convenient.

Here are the three main reasons it’s our preferred method of underground pipe laying.

  • Moling causes minimal disruption. Impact moling, or trenchless moling, usually only requires small-scale excavations without the need to disturb the top surface of the ground. Moles can burrow discreetly and non-destructively under gardens, patios, and driveways.
  • Moling is cost effective. Impact moling is often the most efficient and cost-effective trenchless solution for laying pipes. The lack of large excavations makes the process faster and less labour-intensive than alternative approaches. It also reduces the costs associated with restoring excavated areas once work is completed.
  • Moling can be used to reroute pipework. Moling allows us to redirect your pipework to more easily accessible areas that are less prone to recurring damage. Once the mole has passed through the earth below ground, we can pull through the new pipe and connect to your existing system.
Water pipe impact moling

Why does my pipe need rereouting?

Water pipe moling is a highly effective method for rerouting water pipes in residential properties, but why might your pipe need rerouting in the first place?

The area of your leak makes it difficult for a repair to be carried out

Once we’ve traced the source of your underground leak, we will assess the area to ensure access and repair is safe. In certain situations, our technicians may determine that it is not advisable to directly access and repair your pipe at the source of the leak.

When this occurs, pipe moling offers a unique opportunity for us to reroute your pipework to bypass the affected area via a new safer and more efficient path.

You plan to upgrade or expand your home’s existing infrastructure

If you’re looking to make improvements to your home, either in the form of an extension, a room reconfiguration or even the addition of a swimming pool, it may be necessary to reroute your water pipes to help accommodate the new construction.

To protect your pipework from nature

Pipes buried beneath your home are exposed to potential damage from subsidence, flooding and other natural intrusions. Rerouting water pipes from high risk areas will limit the chances of your pipes needing to be replaced again in future.

The alternatives to water pipe moling

Despite being one of the least destructive methods of pipe laying, the suitability of moling can be determined by factors including the condition of your pipes, the condition of the soil and the specific wider needs of your project.

Mld vans

Traditional pipe excavation

Traditional pipe excavation methods involve digging a trench to access the damaged pipe, remove it and install a new one. It can be disruptive and costly, but it is still used in certain situations where pipe moling, relining or bursting are not suitable.

Pipe relining

Pipe relining involves the insertion of a flexible, resin-impregnated liner into the existing pipe. The liner is then inflated, causing it to expand and conform to its shape. Once the resin has hardened, the liner becomes a new pipe within the old one, effectively relining the existing pipe.

Pipe bursting

This method involves using a machine to break up the old pipe and simultaneously pull a new pipe through the hole created by the bursting process. It is particularly useful for replacing old, damaged pipes without disrupting the surrounding area.

Water pipe moling FAQs

Managing the repair of your water leak can be stressful, especially when it involves a leak in a difficult to reach area. We’ve included some of the most common questions regarding internal pipe moling below.

Remember, if you still have a question, you can call us now on 0800 037 7078.

Is water pipe moling a non-destructive method for laying pipes?

Yes, water pipe moling is a non-destructive method for laying pipes. Unlike traditional excavation methods, which involve digging large trenches to access pipes, moling leaves the ground intact. This means that there is minimal disruption to the surrounding area and less damage to the environment.

How deep can the mole go when laying pipes?

The depth of the mole when laying pipes depends on the specific type of mole used, as well as the soil conditions. However, most moling equipment can reach depths of up to 20 feet.

How much does it cost to use water pipe moling to lay pipes?

The cost of using water pipe moling to lay pipes will vary depending on factors such as the distance of the pipe, the soil condition, and the size of the pipe. At Miracle Leak Detection, we will visit your home for free to quote your pipe moling job.

Why is pipe moling sometimes called impact moling?

Water pipe moling is sometimes referred to as “impact moling” because of the way that the mole is propelled through the soil. Impact moling involves the use of a pneumatic hammer to drive the mole through the soil.

The hammer creates small, repeated impacts on the front of the mole, which pushes it forward through the soil. This method is particularly useful for harder soil conditions or when the pipes need to be installed at a deeper level.

The percussive hammer creates a force that allows the mole to move forward through the soil, even if it is harder than usual.

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