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Our Leak Detection Services

The help you need at the time you need it

We know it’s not every day that you need a leak detection company, but when you do, it’s important to choose one you can trust.

Facing an unexpected water leak alone can be stressful, especially when faced with a range of specialist solutions most people have never heard of.

At Miracle Leak Detection, we’re here to help guide you through the process of finding and fixing your leak, from initial enquiry to the creation of a full photographic report for your insurance company.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

The majority of our customers aren’t aware of the service they need when they contact us for the first time.

Our friendly team is on hand to talk through your specific water leak situation at any time of any day.

It’s completely free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation over WhatsApp, on the phone or by email. You can find our details below.


Trace Only Survey - Above Ground

£395plus VAT
£395plus VAT
Trace only survey
  • We'll use specialist tracing methods to locate the source of your internal water leak.

Trace Only Survey - Below Ground

£650plus VAT
£650plus VAT
Trace only survey
  • We'll use specialist tracing methods to locate the source of your underground water leak.

Trace & Access - With Repair

£800plus VAT
£800plus VAT
Trace & access internal
  • We'll detect a leak in your ceiling or wall, access the affected pipework and fix it there and then.
    • Pipe repair included.

Trace & Excavation - With Repair

£1,195plus VAT
£1,195plus VAT
Trace & excavation internal
  • Suspect a leak under the floor? Let us trace it, excavate/access it and repair your broken pipe.
    • Pipe repair included.

Trace & Excavation - With Repair

£1,295plus VAT
£1,295plus VAT
Trace & excavation external
  • External mains leaks can be hard to find and access. We'll trace, excavate & repair your supply pipe.
    • Pipe repair included.

How to decide which leak detection service you need

One of the easiest ways to determine which leak detection service you need is to look at the symptoms of the leak that are obvious to you.

But while water dripping from your ceiling is hard to miss, the receipt of an unexpectedly high water bill can be just as telling.

Below, we’ve created a simple system to help you choose a leak detection service based on the likely location of your leak and the symptoms you’ve spotted.

Still unsure? This is why we’re here. Reach out to us using the contact details above to discuss your unique circumstances with our team.

Leaks inside your home

A water leak inside of your home can cause significant damage to your property and possessions, occasionally beyond repair.

Our non-invasive leak tracing methods, combined with the skill of our expert technicians, allows for the fast detection of your leak with minimal disruption.

I just want to know where my leak is

Includes: Ceiling leaks / Wall leaks / Underfloor leaks / Bathroom leaks

If you’ve received a high water bill, noticed a new area of damp or are experiencing low water pressure, you may have a leak within your home.

Even if you have a rough idea of where the leak might be, our trace only surveys use specialist gas tracing methods to pinpoint the exact area.

These surveys do not include us accessing the damaged pipe or any subsequent repair, but are a great way to get a better understanding of your situation before deciding on any further action.

Recommended services:

I want my leak found and fixed

If you’re ready to get your internal water leak fixed straight away, our Trace & Access and internal Trace & Excavation services include a full leak tracing survey and the repair of your damaged pipework.

If you suspect your leak to be in a ceiling, wall or above ground pipe, we recommend:

If you suspect your leak to be under the floor of your home, we recommend:

Trace only leak survey above ground

Leaks outside your home or in your garden

A leak in your water mains supply pipe can be difficult to diagnose and have expensive consequences for your water bill unless fixed quickly.

Water travels through these pipes at high pressure and can cause substantial damage when a hole is created by corrosion, the weather or simple old age.

I just want to know where my leak is

Includes: Mains pipe leaks / Garden leaks

Outdoor water leaks can be among the hardest to find and locate. The mains supply pipe to your property is your responsibility and a fault within it is usually accompanied by a high water bill.

If you suspect an underground leak outside your home and would like to know exactly where it is, we recommend our trace only survey.

We will use specialist leak tracing equipment to pinpoint the location of your external leak and advise you on further options for excavation and repair.

Recommended service:

I want my leak found and fixed

If you’re ready to get your outdoor water leak fixed straight away, our external Trace & Excavation service includes a full leak tracing survey, excavation of the affected area and the repair of your damaged pipework.

Recommended service:

Trace excavation external

Unsure where your leak is?

Sometimes it’s not clear where your water leak is, only that you have one. Perhaps your water company has contacted you to warn you to investigate or maybe you’ve noticed an unusual increase in your supply costs.

Either way, we can help. With just a few questions and a short conversation, our friendly team can advise you on the best and most suitable course of action.

Contact us today to discuss your water leak and receive a recommendation of services tailored specifically to you.

Our leak detection services

View our full range of leak detection services below and click through for more details about what’s included.

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Water Leak DetectionEpsom, Surrey

I cannot recommend Miracle Leak Detection highly enough. We've dealt with numerous tradespeople and this gentleman is an absolute star. He is a thoroughly professional guy, gave very good advice, was not pushy or over-bearing and is also a genuinely nice person. He knows his stuff and we would not go anywhere else. 10/10!

Trace & Access ClaimWeybridge, Surrey

Excellent timekeeping, explained regularly how he was getting on and gave a guarantee that he would find the water leak by that evening even though it took him a few hours! I would recommend him strongly to anyone who needs help especially at short notice!

Fixed faulty heating pipeGodalming, Surrey

Miracle Leak Detection saved me after our boiler lost pressure in the middle of a freezing cold night. An engineer arrived the next morning after I called to look for the source of the problem. He was very professional and promptly got my heating back without any hassle. I would happily recommend him to my family and friends.