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The possible reasons behind high water usage

With the cost of living increasing across the country, it’s not unusual to see bills rising at alarming rates.

Knowing how to tell the difference between your water bill being high because of the economy and your water bill being high because of a leak, can help you to save money when pipes break.

Most water companies estimate your water usage over a six month period and collect money through monthly or quarterly instalments.

It is therefore not always immediately obvious when your water usage has increased dramatically, but any increase in costs usually reflects an increase in water used.

Submit a meter reading now

The first thing to do – if you haven’t already – upon receiving a higher than expected water bill is to submit a water meter reading to your supplier.

Submitting a meter reading will give you a more accurate bill and be an actual record of your water usage, instead of an estimation.

Here are some direct links to the submit reading pages of local water companies:

Possible causes of your high water bill

A high water bill isn’t always the fault of an undetected water leak in your home. Below are some of the most common reasons:

Do you have new appliances that use more water?

If you’ve recently purchased new appliances or white goods which use more water, such as a power shower, a combined washer/dryer or a dishwasher, this could explain your higher bill.

Equally, heavier use of existing appliances or items such as hosepipes in the summer or tumble dryers in the winter can cause additional water usage.

Has the size of your household increased, even temporarily?

An increase in the number of people living in your home will inevitably increase the amount of water used. If you’ve had a guest to stay, welcomed a new child into the family or even got a new dog – it can all add up.

Checking the dates that your water bill covers will also allow you to check for crossovers with high intensity periods such as school summer holidays and Christmas.

Remember also that a long hot summer will prompt more cool showers, increased demand for swimming and paddling pools and the use of sprinklers to keep grass green.

Are your fixtures and fittings due an upgrade?

Outdated plumbing systems, pipework and fixtures such as toilets, taps and shower heads can be far less efficient than more modern alternatives.

A leaking toilet can waste up to a huge 6,000 gallons of water per month, while a tap that’s leaking at one drip per second can waste around 17 gallons per day!

A quick inspection of your fixtures can help you quickly identify a leak and source replacements.

Is your water meter spinning at a high rate?

If you check your water meter and see it spinning faster than usual, there is a high chance of a leak either in your mains supply pipe or within your property itself.

Undetected underground water leaks can be the source of rapid water loss sending your bills higher than ever. As a rule, the owner of a property is directly responsible for any leak which occurs within the boundary of their property.

If you’re in doubt, contact your water company at the earliest opportunity.

When to contact a leak detection company

If you’ve established that you are responsible for the repair of your leak, you should contact a leak detection company as soon as possible.

At Miracle Leak Detection, we’re experts in finding and fixing all water leaks across Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex and London.

Our fully trained leak technicians use the latest technologies to quickly trace, access and repair your leak with minimal disruption to your life or damage to your home.

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